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[3 Jun 2010 | No Comment | ]
Al Fakher Sweet Melon

Al Fakher Sweet Melon is a simple, sweet candy-cantaloupe flavor. There are very few, if any, other flavors present. The natural tobacco taste is almost completely invisible, unlike the tobacco by the same name from Nakhla. The scent and taste are almost identical making Sweet Melon easy to place in mixes. Al Fakher Sweet Melon is more mild in its flavor and sweetness than other brands of Sweet Melon.

Al Fakher, Reviews, Tobacco »

[22 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Al Fakher Guava

Al Fakher Guava is a candy caricature of the real guava fruit. Most people familiar with the real taste of guava will probably notice the resemblance right off the bat. The taste is fruity and a bit tangy, but in terms of fruity flavors, much less sweet. The taste is simple, with almost no undertones. It makes an excellent ingredient for mixing with other Al Fakher flavors, such as Mint or Strawberry. Additionally, the Guava scent and the Guava flavor mirror each other very predictably.