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A Closer Look at the Hookah-Shisha’s Mystique Ice-Tip

Authored by William on 2 April 2011 No Comment

The last several years have seen some fantastic innovations in the hookah industry. From ultra-efficient hookah bowls that use less tobacco and coal, to hoses that won’t deteriorate under normal use. And Hookah-Shisha.com, creators of the Nammor washable hose and Romman tobacco, have taken another stab at modern innovation. This time, with the Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip.

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The Ice Tip takes the simple concept that cooler smoke is smoother smoke, and approaches the process of cooling the smoke in a brand new way. Rather than the traditional method of placing ice in the hookah’s base, or cooling the base itself, the Mystique Ice Tip cools the smoke just before it enters your lungs. And it definitely works.

The Mystique tip fits on most of the fully washable hoses available (Nammor, Razan, Narbish), provided they have a removable mouthpiece. Depending what your preference is in terms of the handle length on your hose, this can be a great benefit, or a frustrating drawback. The Ice Tip is a little over a foot long, bringing the full length of a washable handle up to around two feet. Though it sounds like a lot, it’s not quite as daunting as it seems.

In order for the Ice Tip to work, it must be kept in the freezer, or given time to freeze before use. Were you to open the Ice Tip, what you would find inside are a handful of packets, much like ketchup packets, except filled with water or gel. When frozen, these act as the cooling catalyst.

04-02-11_071426_accessories, hookah-shisha, ice tip, Romman

04-02-11_071507_accessories, hookah-shisha, ice tip, Romman

The Ice Tip is not intended to be dismantled. It is held together with a mild glue, most likely hot-glue. While it is mostly sufficient, it didn’t fare will in a drop right out of the freezer. Though this isn’t much more than a slight inconvenience, since the glue isn’t entirely necessary to begin with.

How Well Does it Work?

Finally, to the really important information. How well does it work? Well, in short, very, very well.

But, the answer is a bit more complicated than that. The question is not so much how well does it actually work, but rather, where should it work. Based on a couple of months of use, there are a few conclusions I’ve come to.

1. The Ice Tip may leave your smoke too cold for strong mint flavors.

2. The ice Tip adds a refreshing element to your smoke which artificial cooling methods, such as mint, simply cannot match.

3. The Ice Tip really works best on non-mint, fruit and berry flavors.

4. If you’re fairly new to hookah, you might find that the Ice Tip also hides harsh smoke. Which, if you’re experienced enough to prevent it, can be great. But new smokers may inadvertently ruin their bowl.

In Conclusion

The Mystique Ice Tip is a great innovation. If you love your smoke good and cool, you’ll appreciate how affective the Ice Tip is. However, you’ll quickly find that there are some flavors that are complimented much better than others. You’ll also quickly discover that it’s necessary to monitor the health of your bowl more closely, as the Ice Tip will conceal some of the first signs that things are going awry.

The Mystique Ice Tip is available exclusively from Hookah-Shisha.com.

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