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Starbuzz Tobacco Files Questionable Trademarks, Sends Cease & Desist Letters to the Competition

Authored by William on 17 August 2010 5 Comments


A new website, starbuzztobaccolawsuits.com, has recently brought to light legal actions taken by the tobacco manufacturer against many competing tobacco producers in the United States. Additionally, other companies have received cease and dessist letters.

In an apparent attempt to stifle the competition, Starbuzz Tobacco has filed for trademarks on many popular names of shisha tobacco. Trademark names won by Starbuzz Tobacco, and included in official court filings against Taqseem Inc, include Passion Kiss, Sex on the Beach, Guava, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Melon, White Peach and Wildberry Mint. A number of trademark names filed for, but rejected, included the very popular shisha flavor Double Apple, which exists in many other brands, and has history with some of the oldest shisha tobacco manufacturers in the world.

While several other tobacco manufacturers, such as Fusion Tobacco, folded against Starbuzz’s legal threats, others plan to face the giant and defend their business. JM’s tobacco and Taqseem, Inc. The makers of Tonic shisha tobacco are among them. Taqseem’s roots, while not as wealthy, go deeper in the industry and Samer Mansour of Taqseem says they’re not going to back down without a fight.

“People don’t realize how dangerous this is,” says Monsour. Starbuzz’s actions could have far reaching effects on the industry. Many of the trademarks that Starbuzz has won, or remain pending, are industry standards. Names like Sweet Melon, Guava, Sex on the Beach and White Peach are shared, in whole or in part, by a number of other manufacturers, some of whom have been producing said flavors before Starbuzz’s formation in 2005.

Sources also claim that Starbuzz has a lax attitude of ignorance toward the debacle, claiming that it’s simply lawyers acting on their behalf. Starbuzz could not be reached for comment.

Starbuzztobaccolawsuits.com is calling for smokers and hookah enthusiasts to boycott the company until they stop their legal motions, which could threaten the quality of the smoker’s experience by limiting their choices. While the issue has gone largely under the radar of many casual smokers, hookah related forums are beginning to buzz with discussion on the topic. There appear to be very few who agree with Starbuzz’s decisions, though an all-out boycott of Starbuzz products has yet to be seen.

In another recent development, the Starbuzz legal representation, The Patel Law Firm in California, has requested, and obtained, the personal information for the founder and author of starbuzztobaccolawsuits.com, though there has been no word as to whether or not Starbuzz will attempt legal action there as well.

More as the story continues to develop. Tell us what you think so far.

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Looking for more information? The official court papers regarding Taqseem, Inc can be found here, courtesy of starbuzztobaccolawsuits.com:


  • johnny said:

    This is BS attempt by Starbuzz to kill the competition. This is a bogus use of our court system.

  • Sweis said:

    This is funny considering Starbuzz Tobacco stole their name and logo from Starbucks Coffee. They alo claim that they invent and the rest copy. I wonder how Starbucks feels about that. By the way this so called tobacco company claims it’s tobacco is made in the USA when in fact it is made in Jordan by it’s sister company Al Raqi Tobacco. It is then shiped here to add flavor and packed. I can be a real jerk and list all the vendors they buy from, but I won’t go there until they really deserve it.
    If they keep this BS up with the lawsuits I will go as far as to expose allover the Internet how they make their tobacco and where to buy all the ingredents they use. I’ve been manufaturing waterpipe tobacco allover the world for the last 20 years and can tell you Starbuzz tobacco is far from quality.

  • Sweis said:

    As far as what Johnny said about Starsucks killing the competition. Starbuzz tobacco is only 4% of waterpipe tobacco sold across the globe. So I highly doubt they’ll be killing the competItion anytime soon.

  • mustangii said:

    The name of owners of Starbuzz wouldn’t be Gardner would it? Sounds like the same crap the founders of Smartparts paintball did back in the early 90s. Let’s sue everyone who uses a battery to operate a paintball gun. Sound familiar, let’s sue every that puts tobacco in shisha. shesh

  • sweis said:

    Smoke Pure Tobacco instead. Its new to the market and much better than Starbuzz.
    Pure Tobacco uses zero Propylene Glycol and zero Animal Glycerin. Both of which are used in Starbuzz.

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