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How did the 80 Feet bowl get its name?

Authored by Jared Lender on 24 June 2014 No Comment

Hookah John’s newly released, and oddly named 80feet bowl is the product of nearly 5 years of research and development, butt loads of money, and countless hours of smoking shisha. It’s because of this, that he is PISSED!


March 24, 2010 – John posts a video on his Youtube channel announcing his new bowl, The HJ Mini Alien Phunnel Bowl. When he lists the bowl on his retail site, he prefaces the descriptions whith this, “Before I start the description I want everyone to know that without Eric Hoffman of Tangeirs this product would not be available anywhere. He is the true inventor of the Phunnel Bowl from its design to the quality of materials used.”

Oct 14, 2010 – John posts a lighthearted video announcement outlining why the Enigma bowl, a square shaped shisha bowl, is a total failure and production will not go forward.

Sept 30, 2011 – Hookah John releases a newly designed phunnel type bowl that will never air-lock – The Flying Saucer Bowl.

Nov 2011 – John makes a significant change in the HJ Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl’s design, prompting new reviews.

Dec 8, 2011 – John posts a video preview of another prototype bowl that positions the coals below the actual basin of the bowl – The Krispie Bowl (Named after an employee of Tangiers Tobacco).

Dec 19, 2012 – John releases a newly designed bowl that is shallow and wide creating a fantastic shisha bowl for solo smokers – The Harmony Bowl.

During all this time, people blatantly copy and mimic HJ’s bowl designs. People overseas begin selling “Alien Bowls” that are not produced by HJ. Competitors, here in the states, hire amateur potters and send them to work creating complete copies of HJ’s bowls and then give them hauntingly similar names.

Then came April 18, 2014. In an attempt to please the masses, Hookah John shrinks down the harmony bowl and creates a shisha-saver bowl. At this point, there is nothing new about the bowl. It’s a collective “Greatest Hits” album of HJ’s designs. So, when contemplating what to name this good, maybe even great bowl, that took 5 years of work, and was only going to remain “proprietary” for about a month, he decided to name it FUCK YOU.

Now, HJ has never publicly claimed this… but…

80feet —> Airy Feek, Airy Fik, and Airi Fik translates literally to, “My dick inside you.”—-> Fuck You

hookah john 80 feet bowl 80feet shisha harmony

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