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Why + How To Use A Hookah Diffuser

Authored by Jared Lender on 25 July 2012 No Comment

Diffusers are a tool used by hookah smokers to break up the flow of smoke and create hundreds, if not thousands of tiny bubbles instead of just a few large bubbles.  This has a couple of advantages such as, smoothing the draw of a hookah, aid in the filtration of smoke, and quiet the rumble of the hubbly-bubbly.

Reasons For Use

The first reason you may want a diffuser is to smooth out the draw of pipe. Since the diffuser breaks up the bubbles coming from the down stem, the draw feels lighter, cooler and more effervescent. The second use of diffuser is to aid in the filtration of the smoke. Since the bubbles are being broken up, the surface area of the bubbles increases. This increase in surface area exposes more particulate to the water leading to the water being a more effective filter of the smoke. Finally, the third use of a diffuser is to quiet the rumble. The tiny bubbles being produced break the surface tension of the water in a more delicate manor and produce a quieter sound.

Where To Buy

All diffusers are going to look something like this one. They are all about the same.


If you are ordering from an American vendor, it is most likely going to be a Sahara Smoke Heba Diffuser.


How to Make A Hobo Diffuser

If you don’t want to drop the cash on a little piece of plastic, you can make one very quickly and easily, however these are only intended for temporary use. First take a piece of foil that is about 6 inches X 8 inches and fold it in half. Hold a dish rag in one hand and place the folded piece of foil on top of the rag. Then, poke a bunch of holes in the center of the foil. After that, place the tip of your index finger in the center of the foil and squeeze the foil around that index finger with your other hand. Finally, take that perforated foil condom and slip it over the end of the down stem and squeeze so it has a loose fit around the bell of the stem.

I recommend replacing these after a couple of session because they get weird and gross after a while.

 Personal Insight

I use a diffuser almost every time I smoke. It provides a very smooth draw as well as a pleasant rolling smoke as opposed to the rumble that you might be accustomed too. Some people believe that the rumble of the hookah is part of the “experience”. I personally don’t think that my ears need to be entertained during a session. Call me a noob but worrying about my hookah sounding good is the last thing on my mind. Just getting my smoke to taste good and look good is involving enough for me.

In my opinion, Sahara Smoke’s Heba Diffuser is the only product of theirs that any one should use on a regular basis. Since you can get them for so cheap at TexasHookah, they are worth the small price. Finally, the largest diffuser that Sahara produces will fit any hookah with a bit of modification.

Cut and X in the top piece of the diffuser. Make sure your cuts go down to the ridge where the bottom basket clicks in. DO NOT CUT THAT RIDGE!

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